Hi, I’m Hugh.
I make films and comics
like nobody else.

I’ve made an animated fantasy feature film the scale of the first Lord of the Rings movie on the budget of the Blair Witch Project. I’ve made a career from telling stories in computer games, and I founded the site Machinima.com, which appears to have rather taken over the world.

Hugh Hancock must have been created by putting Joss Whedon and Peter Jackson in a blender.Massively.com

At the moment, I’m trying to redefine how I work yet again, incorporating everything from the latest advances in real-life filming technology to Hollywood motion capture to Virtual Reality. The end goal?

Telling television series-length stories on an indie budget, without the usual indie drawbacks of tiny scale or huge losses. No studios, no interference, just storytelling.

Want to join me on this journey?

I’m constantly producing new movies and comics – from experiments with storytelling in virtual reality to new stories of weird creatures, magic, and damaged heroes.

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