The Eschaton Series

Eschaton - 2

Production started on Strange Company’s first project, H.P. Lovecraft-inspired series ‘Eschaton’, when Hugh was still in high school, in 1996.

DT2Taking the premise that Lovecraft’s apocalypse had already happened, Eschaton is a Lynch-inspired horror thriller that doesn’t stand up technically today, but still has some very cool ideas!

It was during the production of the second part of ‘Eschaton’, still one of the most complex Machinima productions ever, that Hugh and Gordon decided to take up Machinima full-time.

Markham_1stshotWhilst Eschaton was never completed, Hugh keeps making noises occasionally about going back to finish his story of the Apocalyse…

We’re proud to announce that the first part of Eschaton, Eschaton: Darkening Twilight, is now available to watch online for the first time in nearly a decade!

It’s 25 minutes long, and was originally distributed as a file that could only be run with the computer game Quake! That’s why it has taken so long to return.

However, we’ve finally managed to capture it and put it up in a slightly easier-to-use format…

Watch out for the massive second part, Nightfall, returning soon.