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Strange Company's "Matrix 4x1" was originally conceived as a series of four short film sequences set in the world of Warner Bros' "The Matrix", intended to go in as part of MotivAction's Matrix-themed corporate training events. Participants in the event were to watch the short videos and answer questions on the content, which would then allow them to "advance" to the next stage of the event.

Of course, the dramatic, special effects-heavy world of the Matrix wouldn't be easily recreated using conventional film or CGI, certainly not without pulling in the budget and time frame of the original Hollywood production! Fortunately, thanks to their contacts with event company Cybernetic Productions and production house Strange Company, another alternative was available: Machinima.

The four videos show individual short scenes that might happen at some point within the world of "The Matrix", mostly focussing on Trinity, the second in command of the group of rebels on whom the original film focussed. The videos aren't intended to take place at any specific time within the Matrix universe- instead, they're "what if" scenes, taken like snapshots from the never-ending war against the AIs and the Matrix itself.