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The "Matrix 4x1" sequences were made by Strange Company using a combination of Machinima and traditional video editing techniques, combining footage from the Half-Life engine with editing and compositing in traditional nonlinear video packages.

Three of the scenes, "Control Room", "Alleyway" and "Prison", were mostly shot using Half-Life's in-built cinematics and scripting tools, although the "Bullet Time" sequence in the "Control Room" was created using Half-life chasecam routines, and "Alleyway" was mostly filmed using an in-game player's point of view.

The remaining scene, "Subway" (showing a shoot-out between Trinity and four unfortunate SWAT team members) was mostly live-acted using Half-life's multiplayer functions and a live player acting as cameraman.

All of the footage from this shooting was then captured down to standard VHS tape (via a TV-Out graphics card), before being captured as conventional AVI format video and edited using a variety of video editing software. Sound was also entirely composited at this stage, using a mixture of live-recorded sound and dialogue and prerecorded in-game sounds.

Finally, the finished sound mix was sent off to our musicians, who composed an original score for each piece, which was then mixed seamlessly into the action.

For more details on movie-making in the Half-life engine, see Ben Moss' excellent series of articles on the topic on Machinima.com. Likewise, for more details on video capturing and conventional editing of Machinima, see the Machinima.com series on the subject.