My Upcoming Projects May 2015: ‘Carcosa’, ‘HOWTO: Demon Summoning’ and more.

For the first time in a long while, I’m happy to say I have not just one, but a slate of projects coming up for release in the next few months. It includes everything from short live-action films to comic books.

It’s a bloody exciting time!

Here’s what’s coming up.



“Ian Rankin meets Clive Barker”. Yep, the comic series I teased a few pages of last year is coming soon - very, very soon.

It follows a young genius into the shadows of Edinburgh’s twisted underworld - and beyond that to dread Carcosa - as she attempts to untangle the threads of her brother’s murder.

I’m drawing on everything from 20 years of living in the city of Edinburgh - which is a very weird city, it turns out - to my knowledge of the underbelly of the Internet for this one. Plus, of course, strange dark magic and Carcosa itself - about which I’ll say no more. Yet.

Look for the first release either this week or next. After that, I’ll be updating irregularly but hopefully consistently. There’ll be a mailing list for updates on the project!

I haven’t yet decided whether to release as PDF or online webcomic format - what do you think?

HOWTO: Demon Summoning


YouTube has a tutorial for everything. But just because you can find a HOWTO doesn’t mean things will work out first time…

Starring Johnnie Ingram and Paul Hamilton (the latter in fine, motion captured form), this film about a geeky startup founder and his Faustian bargain is in post-production at the moment.

I’m hoping to release it within a month or less.

Cellar And Tower

Set in the same universe as HOWTO: Demon Summoning , this nasty little live-action short tale of imaginary castles and horrible secrets is currently in casting.

The script’s written and the location is set. I’m hoping to shoot it before the end of the month.

Untitled Third Short Film

The THIRD short in the same universe as HOWTO:Demon Summoning will be a fast-paced action piece. A couple of occult archaeologists rush to solve the puzzle of an artifact’s guardian - before it tears them in half…

This one’s cast - longtime Strange Company actors Ian Mulliner and Jehane Barbour are joined by Western Martial Arts expert Phil Crawley. We just blocked out the entire thing, including action sequences, last week: it’s looking pretty darn cool.

We’ll be shooting in the amazing new Edinburgh arts center The Biscuit Factory.

Release date will depend on how much CGI I need to do for it, but before the end of the summer with any luck!

Other Projects

Stone And Sorcery - I’ve moved away from animation but I might well return to Stone and Sorcery to finish off the story, at least, if not do another episode or two. No idea when, though!

Virtual Reality projects - As I mentioned last week, I’m very excited about the Octane Render stereo cubemaps that have just become practical. I’m currently actively considering ways to use them for storytelling.

Death Knight Love Story - Unfortunately DKLS probably won’t be returning in film form, but it may yet return! I’m currently developing and reworking the story as a comic, and that may make an appearance in the next few months.

Exciting times!

If you want to keep up with when these projects are released and new work as I get to it (like last week’s sudden “Oh, looks like VR is back on the table”), ping me your email via the form below and I’ll keep you updated.