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The latest release of FreeCam

The latest release of FreeCam, the camera utility for Quake III Arena, allowing in-game or demo viewing from any angle, is now available! This latest release includes a bunch of bug fixes, the ability to record camera locations and “server record” functions (allowing the FreeCam user to view action happening anywhere on the map, even in a pre-recorded demo).

For movie-making, re-camming, Clan training, or simple viewing pleasure, we hope you find this latest release fun and useful!

Oh, you may want to check out the “Projects” sections whilst you’re here, too…

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We’d like to thank

We’d like to thank NTK for pointing out the mis-linked .plan files on our front pages- corrected…

So, to all our latest visitors- no, we ain’t dead…

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A minor update

A minor update- we’ve updated the staff listings here and on, to add a few people who had been working hard for us without credit (in those places at least) up until now.

The new release of FreeCam and the LFP beta are both coming soon- we’re waiting for our new file mirror at the moment, but as soon as that’s up, they’re out.

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Slipped again.

Oops. Slipped again.

This time, though, we’ve had a good reason- Walking Wounded have just finished a hectic Machinima project for a client, which has been taking all our time. The contract came out really well, and we’ve managed to put some good results together- we’d like to show at least some of what we’ve been working on on the Web, but I’ve no idea if that will be possible at this point.

The good news, though, is that for a while at least we’re going to have more time to work on other StrangeCo stuff. First up, a new version of FreeCam is due very soon- featuring a bunch of our “most-requested” features, I hope you all enjoy using it!

Secondly, Lithtech Film Produce r is motoring along, propelled by the sterling work of our new Lead Programmer, Will Marsh. We’re hoping to have testing start on it soon, and we’ll try to make sure some reports from the testers “leak” out onto

More news on all this and other projects soon.

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We’re getting better…

We’re getting better…

A couple of small items prompt today’s update. Firstly, we’ve made a few updates to the Lithtech Film Producer pages- nothing major (although that’s coming), but a few corrections and additions (mostly to the FAQ).

Secondly, Roger Ebert’s article on Machinima (mentioned below) is now on line. Do read it- very interesting and encouraging stuff.

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Our updates over here are getting even more infrequent

Well, our updates over here are getting even more infrequent! It will change soon, though- honest.

Things of note this month: firstly, we’d like to welcome Will Marsh , our new Lead Programmer on the Lithtech Film Producer project. Will’s a member of the Quake done Quick team, amongst other things, for whom he has written a couple of utilities, and we’re pleased to welcome him onto the team! His .plan file and dodgy bio will be coming shortly, of course.

Secondly, Ozymandias, our last film, has been reviewed (in an article on Machinima in Yahoo! Internet Life) by no less a film personality than Roger Ebert (of Siskel and Ebert, the US famous film critic pairing).

Mr Ebert is, of course, one of the most famous film critics in the world, and his comments are, to say the least, very encouraging- a snippet: “Intrigued, I looked at some examples … Ozymandias … involves simply rendered landscapes and a sketchy human figure that traverses thenm. Very basic, but curiously effective, and the music establishes the mood.” We’re very happy!

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The LFP pages have been updated

The LFP pages have been updated with some news on the functionality LFP will provide, as well as some new screenshots from the GDC Lithtech 2 demo. I hope to be getting some stuff working with LT2 in LFP in a couple of weeks ourselves- we’ll post ‘em when we’ve got ‘em.

Welcome, BTW, to all the /. and Wired viewers this week. If you haven’t already checked it out, I also recommend if you want to learn more about Machinima in general.

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Yes, we’re coming out of hiberation at last…

Yes, we’re coming out of hiberation at last…

We’re pleased to announce the release of “FreeCam” , a free-view chasecam modification for Quake III Arena. FreeCam allows users to use the third-person view in Quake III Arena to break away from the player, and fly around the level, follow the action via moving the chasecam to any entity, use “follow-cams” to follow players from fixed points and more. What’s more, unlike anything else in Q3A, the FreeCam works in demos, allowing you to see the action from new perspectives or even “Re-Cam” demos with the aid of the cl_avidemo command. It’s the technology we used on our ReelTime Challenge entry, and it’s really quite cool, particularly if you’re making movies in Q3A.

What are we doing making stuff in Q3A when we’re hard at work on LFP? Well, FreeCam is the first product of a new division of Strange Company, Strange Company Experimental. SCEx is a new branch set up to persue or help others persue projects that might not fit neatly into StrangeCo and Walking Wounded’s main business plans, but which we feel shouldn’t be ignored.

We’re very excited about SCEx and some of the projects it’s working on- more information coming soon!

Download FreeCam from our files section.

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