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Time for our bi-weekly update…

Time for our bi-weekly update…

We’re actually about to become a lot more active again- obviously, we’re busy with, but some of the SC internal projects are starting to show fruit. Let’s just say that you might be seeing some knd of release tomorrow…

In the meantime, go check out all the cool stuff on , including recent .plan updates from most of the SC staff and a screenshot of LFP…

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D’oh. Phone number is actually 668 4774.

We’ve released a RealMovie version of Ozymandias - whilst it’s larger and lower-quality than the Machinima version, it should show those of you who haven’t been able to run it what LFP will be, and already is, capable of, as well as just being a pretty good film.

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New offices

New offices! Burble, burble, burble…

If you need to contact us, our ‘phone number ha

s changed to +44 131 668 4774.

Read peoples’ .plan updates for more personal views on the move.

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You wait ages for an update and then…

You wait ages for an update and then…

We’ve released the latest version of the S

trangeSaver! As well as running demos recorded in Quake, QUake II, Quake III, Half-Life, SIN and Heretic II, the new version now has the ability to run any executable as a screensaver!

Yes, that means you could run Word as a screensaver if you want. However, there are prettier things to run, like, for instance, the three Open GL graphical demos we’ve put together into the StrangeSaver Demos pack, which we’re also releasing. These three, Colfire, Arc and SpringMatrix, are the pick from the Open GL Challenge ), and should prettify any desktop.

Other minor bugfixes in version 2.98 include some more internal tidying- plus, the StrangeSaver will now recognise game executables case-independantly.

The StrangeSaver also now has its own sub-site: get to it here - downloads and so on too.

More soon (ish)

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Two updates in as many weeks.

Well, well. Two updates in as many weeks. What is the world coming to?

Now that’s up and running, we’ve freed up a bit of time to concentrate on other projects. First up is, of course, Ozymandias- the new site for the film is now up, and Ozymandias itself will be released on Tuesday. The site includes background on the poem and the film and some screenshots- check it out!

Lithtech Film Producer-wise, James has been cracking along with the work. We have just seen the first drafts of what will grow to become the GUI, and it has had a substantial paradigm shift to a format that will be more familiar to people who have worked in film editing before, using a “production” stage to composit individual shots, and then an “editing” stage where those shots are trimmed and put together in a similar fashion to a non-linear video editor to form the film.

Lastly, although this isn’t directly related to any of our current projects, we’re doing some research at the moment into Artificial Life. Could anyone who knows something about A-Life please mail us ?

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Yes! We’re Back!

Yes! We’re Back! We’re Bad! Er, kinda…

So, many people would wonder what we’ve been doing all this time. Well, I could do a big drumroll-windup speech here, but I’m not going to , as this should speak for itself…

Go. Read. Emjoy.

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On The Stereo

Current project: Ozymandias

Current status: Late Pre-production

Recent .plan updates: Hugh, James, Gordon.

On The Stereo: “What Sweet Music They Make”, Bauhaus: Crackle, Matrix soundtrack.

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