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Aaand our prize for today is…

Aaand our prize for today is…

Today we’re releasing version 2.5 of the StrangeSaver, that wacky scrensaver that allows you to run game demos as a Win9x screensaver! This new release is more of an update than a new version, but now features Heretic II support (in addition to supporting Quake I, II and III, Half-Life and SIN) and true multiple select, so you don’t have to enter your 200 demos by hand any more!

Sadly, you still have to quit out of the game as normal: we’re working on the problem, but see Hugh’s .plan on why it’s harder than it looks…

However, if you think that’s a huge problem, want to suggest an innovative new idea, or even just talk about non-Strange Company stuff altogether (shock!), you can, because the Strange Company fora are now back up! Thanks to Bradley and his heroic ‘phone support efforts for that.

Lastly, we’d like to make our second announcement of the week, and welcome a new trustee on board. Anthony Bailey, best known for running the Quake Done Quickly team, has joined Strange Company as our third trustee. He’ll be working with us on all sorts of things, including scripting consultation and general project support- welcome on board, Anthony.

EARLIER: The forum is dead at the moment: this is a problem with our web hosts, and should be sorted out shortly. Sorry about that.

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No, we’re not being paid to advertise Microsoft’s SP4…

No, we’re not being paid to advertise Microsoft’s SP4…

NOTE: This was originally intended to be posted 2 days ago, but the problems with our web hosting company put paid to that one. Sorry about that. However, we’re back on track now…

This will be a busy next five days. We are finally in a position to make that major announcement we’ve been trailing for some time (a few people know what it is already and are very excited about it), but before that, as it will be the start of a new phase in Strange Company’s evolution, we want to clear up all the things that are hanging over from the Quake era of our work.

Hence, we will be releasing a lot of things this week and weekend. Today, we go back to our roots and finally release the patch for the “truncated filenames” version of Eschaton: Darkening Twilight, together with a new full install of our first film, Darkening Twilight. If you have a copy of DT that you haven’t been able to watch thanks to DOS truncated filenames, the patch will cure that, and if you just want to relive the early days of Quake Movies, then DT is now available.

We also have a technical demo and trailer of sorts for Lippy and the Eschaton: Nightfall Special Edition- a fully lip-synched version of Scene 4 of Nightfall. If you haven’t seen Nightfall, don’t worry, it doesn’t contain any spoilers, but it does illustrate what the Nightfall Special Edition looks like (spectacular, with some new models and full lip-synching), and the sort of output that Lippy can produce. Get all our files from, appropriately, the “Files” section above.

We also have quite a lot of annoucements to make, so let’s make a start. Strange Company are now a registered Scottish Charity, with charity number SC029307, dedicated to furthering digital media and specifically machinima. We think that Machinima has the potential to revolutionise low-budget film-making and the world of movies as a whole, and Strange Company will be working toward that goal. Our announcement at the end of the week will be the first big step toward that.

For those who fear that that’ll mean we will be giving up film-making, don’t worry. As part of our promotion of Machinima, and also because it’s what we set Strange Company and Walking Wounded up to do, way back in 1997, we will be creating more, rather than less, films. We have no less than 3 projects in development at the moment, of which Ozymandias will be the first.

See you tomorrow…

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New day, new look.

We’ve released a few bits of new news around the place, including details of our most minor upcoming release, Lippy, the lip-synching tool for Quake II. Whilst we’ve moved on from Quake II (more details very soon), we realise that a lot of people are still working in it, and we thought we’d release the utility we created for the Nightfall Special Edition to help people working on other projects.

Obviously, we’ve also got a lot of new stuff up about the show, our status as a company (yes, we’re full-time supporting Machinima as an artform), our upcoming courses and events and so on. There will be a lot more popping out of the woodwork in the next few days, too, so do check back regularly to see what new stuff is appearing!

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Strange Company Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, The Machinima Showcase

The first week of the Strange Company Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, The Machinima Showcase, has gone very well- if you’re interested in the show, you can visit our entry in the Fringe Revue Website .

We will hopefully be running training courses in the elements of Machinima Production in Edinburgh in a month or so- if you’re interested in those courses, which will hopefully cover all elements of Machinima from mapping to camerawork, please get in touch. We will also be publishing the course notes for our training in our “Resources” section, so even if you can’t get to the courses you should find the notes to be helpful.

More “things” coming soon.

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No, we’re not dead, just very busy at the moment

No, we’re not dead, just very busy at the moment. You should be seeing the fruits of some of our work soon- in fact, if you’re going to be in Edinburgh over the next month, you can definitely see some of them at our Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, starting on Monday at 4:30 pm, Outhouse Cafe, Broughton St Lane.

Walking Wounded, our for-profit division, has also been working on a semi StrangeCo-related project, Nahlswatch , which is aiming to be the Blue’s News of the SF, Fantasy and Horror community. Check it out if you have some spare time.

More news soon, we hope, along with a lot of additions to the site (including some more information on us and our new projects, some new articles and a discussion forum).

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Internic is being slow at the moment.

Still moving- Internic is being slow at the moment.

We’d like to welcome James Payne, our lead programmer, to the .plan listings at the top. As James will be working full-time with StrangeCo as soon as he returns from France, I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot from him.

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A couple of entertaining goodies

A couple of entertaining goodies whilst we continue to work on the Fringe show: I’ve just been re-reading Neal Corbett’s personal web page (Neal was lead skinner and modeller on Nightfall), which is very fun (and worth reading just for the Darkening Twilight plot summary).

Ozymandias has been added to our Projects page, and we’re in the process of moving servers, so expect cool things (like some new articles and a forum) soon….

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