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A couple of goodies

A couple of goodies: NiSplit is up to 0.9, and is available from the Files page, and we’ve got some updates on our .plan files. In addition, we can tell you a couple more facts about our new film: it’s a short, it’s entitled Ozymandias, and it’s not being produced in Quake II.

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Sorry about the silence over the last few days

Sorry about the silence over the last few days: We’ve been up to our eyeballs in writing the Fringe trailer (which may be going up here at some point as a RealMovie). Some more news on the show: we’ll be featuring a new “special edition” of Nightfall, the famous Blahbalicious and hopefully some totally new work through the show, all on an 8’ screen.

Other new stuff at Strange Company: we’ve started pre-production on a new short film (more details soon), we’ve got a new version of NiSplit with some bugfixes and a slightly prettier interface coming soon, we’ve got a new tool coming that should answer a lot of peoples’ wishes for Q2 machinima, and we’re going to be at Baroquon in Cambridge doing an early demonstration over the weekend of the 16th.

It’s all go…

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The first part of our long-awaited article on “Cinematic differences between film, 2D animation and Machinima”

The first part of our long-awaited article on “Cinematic differences between film, 2D animation and Machinima” is up on the Resources section, dealing with Field Of View. The next two parts will be posted over the next two days, touching on such subjects as Aperture, Depth of Field, Special Effects and Camera Movement.

We feel that this article raises a lot of questions, and we’d like to see it discussed! If you have any comments relating to the content of the atricle that aren’t directly related to us (like “you mis-spelled something”), please post to the q2demos list at Planetquake, not directly to us, to encourage discussion!

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Finally, NiSplit has hit beta!

Finally, NiSplit has hit beta! For anyone who didn’t know, NiSplit is our utility for creating Unreal-style flybys in Quake II- for an example of its potential, see the NiSplit tech demo in our Files section.

We’ll be announcing the public beta in a day or so.

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The NiSplit public beta is available

The NiSplit public beta is available from the Files page! NiSplit is a tool to allow users to create Unreal-style flybys in Quake II. This version incorporates a GUI in Quake II and functionality to create a smooth camera flyby.

Please remember that this is a beta version- report any bugs to the normal address (above).

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By popular demand

By popular demand, we’ve written a couple of articles on demo recording and playback in Unreal and Half-Life. We’ve also written up a section on Unreal flybys- although we’ve found them so difficult to use as to be virtually worthless, you may think different.

We’ve also started a new section in the “Documentation” department: “Machinima Technique”. This section will deal with techniques for machinima creation, starting with an article on lipsynching technique, complete with a tutorial. “Machninima Technique”’s sister section, “Machinima Theory”, will be coming soon.

If you would like to contribute to either of these sections, please email us.

We may well release a couple of packs of demos for those games which the StrangeSaver supports, but which don’t have many demos available. As always, email us if you have any strong feelings either way.

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