OK, here’s all that news we forgot to post yesterday..

D’oh. OK, here’s all that news we forgot to post yesterday… Sorry about that- as you may be able to imagine, it’s pretty damn hectic over here, but we were still dumb.If you came here expecting to be able to download StrangeSaver 2.5 and could only get 2.0, your problem is now fixed in the Files section.

Anyway, on to today’s releases… Today we announce the release of Lippy, the lip-synching utility for Quake II. Lippy allows anyone creating machinima in Quake II to fully lip-synch their characters, as well as adding emotions to their faces. It uses and automates a variation on the lip-synching procedures we talked about a while ago over in the Resources section, and will be fully demonstrated in the upcoming Nightfall: Special Edition.

Get it, again, from the Files section.