Old Posts From Machinima.com Coming Back!

machinima120x90For people who haven’t been in on the Internet Video thing since its infancy, the notion that “Machinima”, the channel and the brand, used to primarily be a text-based website is probably pretty surprising.

But when I founded Machinima.com, much of what we put out was writing - about Machinima, about animation, about the future of movies.

As Machinima-the-website changed and evolved, as it was bought by Machinima Inc and became the #3 largest YouTube channel in the world, that writing slipped off the Web. And that’s a bit of a pity, I feel.

So, since I wrote into the contract for the sale of Machinima that I could republish those articles if they went offline, I’m going to start uploading the ones that still hold up, that still have something to say, or just that I think are interesting.

Some of them will be showcases of classic pieces of Machinima. Others will be think pieces from back then about how film and animation might evolve.

I hope you enjoy ‘em!