Sneak Preview of 1st Sequence from new film The Hateful Cliffs

OK, I’m more than a little nervous about doing this, given that “showing your unfinished work” is pretty darn high on the Filmmaker’s List Of Things Not To Do, but what the hell. Let’s channel my inner Linus and release early, release often!

Here’s a Work-In-Progress preview of the first sequence from my newest project, using my Shiny New Pipeline.

The film’s called “The Hateful Cliffs”, and will be a serious effort at channeling my inner mid-70s Michael Moorcock - proper Weird Fantasy of the kind Hollywood just can’t do because it’s too risky.

But this first shot’s comparatively tame: just a great way to show off how the pipeline is developing in a much more complex sequence than the last one I showed off.

Let me know what you think, and what you think still needs to improve!