Time Travellers Part 6 released with StrangeCo mocap!

Late last year I was involved in doing the motion capture for a very cool, long-running Machinima project in Second Life - Time Travellers, produced by PookyMedia and directed by Russell Boyd.

Well, the episode in which all the mocap is featured is now online, and you can watch it here:

I was involved in producing the motion capture for the mocap-specific action sequence around 4:43, where the motions for both main characters were created by me in our MVN inertial mocap suits.

That involved learning quite a bit about the process of producing mocap for Second Life, about which I may write a blog post at some point!

Here’s a quick behind-the-scenes pic:


And if you’d like to watch the entire Time Travellers series from the start, here’s the first episode - enjoy!