You wait ages for an update and then…

You wait ages for an update and then…

We’ve released the latest version of the S

trangeSaver! As well as running demos recorded in Quake, QUake II, Quake III, Half-Life, SIN and Heretic II, the new version now has the ability to run any executable as a screensaver!

Yes, that means you could run Word as a screensaver if you want. However, there are prettier things to run, like, for instance, the three Open GL graphical demos we’ve put together into the StrangeSaver Demos pack, which we’re also releasing. These three, Colfire, Arc and SpringMatrix, are the pick from the Open GL Challenge ), and should prettify any desktop.

Other minor bugfixes in version 2.98 include some more internal tidying- plus, the StrangeSaver will now recognise game executables case-independantly.

The StrangeSaver also now has its own sub-site: get to it here - downloads and so on too.

More soon (ish)